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Macedonia – Besides tourism, the rich and delicious food, Macedonia – though a small country, has a number of cultural events held in many of the country’s parts. These events cover a wider range of cultural pieces, including film and music festivals, fashion shows, exhibitions, carnivals, days of theater, opera and ballet, architecture and interior design fairs and other striking cultural events.


One of the most remarkable events at a cultural level is the Strumica Carnival. It is an event that occurs during the beginning of Lent. Strumica Carnival has numerous features; it is visited by numerous guests from Balkan and European countries and is considered one of the most important traditions in Macedonia. Strumica Carnival masks cover parts of the animal world, and have pagan symbolism and musical elements. One of the most remarkable masks are actually men dressed as women; their symbolism represents everything that a man finds it necessary as part of the perfect woman. The traditional form of the carnival includes erotic elements. Today’s performances are influenced by foreign carnivals and are known by the colorful masks and costumes.


“Manaki Brothers” is an International Cinematographers Film Festival and it’s organized by the Macedonian Film Professionals Association. This festival is held in Bitola, the hometown of the Aromanian brothers Janaki and Milton Manaki – the first film authors in the Balkans. The most famous works of Milton Manaki are scenes of the hanging of the Macedonian fighters for independence of Macedonia and the Balkan Wars episodes. Undoubtedly, the two brothers have deserved to have this festival named after them, and today, the same is a place that brings together the greatest film artists. The Film Festival was first held in 1950 and it is known for the award “Camera 300”.


Although a newer event, this is another important film festival in Macedonia. It is held in the capital Skopje, at MKC – Youth Cultural Center. This festival is one of the most important in the Balkans and in Europe. Cinedays shows short and feature European films. It is a true delight for the fans of European drama and the European cinematography. This festival embarked in the period of November 2002, on the initiative of the famous Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar and Viviane Redding. Cinedays is consisted of the following parts: Competitive program, Gala program (Off Competition Program), Cine Balkan program, musical documentaries, Cinema for the Youngest and Short films program.


Fashion Weekend Skopje is a fashion platform which is held twice a year. This modern cultural event always attracts attention not only among fashion designers and models, but also among the world of fashion lovers, journalists, fashion agencies, educational institutions, fashion critics and bloggers. Every year, this event is diverse and full of avant-garde, eccentric and flashy fashion elements and people. At this fashion event, each persistent and passionate artist can express their amazing or “unusual” ideas.

MNT, MOB, Macedonian Philharmonics and “Tanec”

MNT stands for Macedonian National Theater and MOB – Macedonian Opera and Ballet. These two cultural institutions together with the Macedonian Philharmonics and “Tanec” – the Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances of Macedonia are the most prominent cultural national institutions known for the spectacular concerts of classical music and national traditional dance and music acts. These institutions and their participants (soloists, conductors, folk dancers and philharmonists) perform popular musical fragments from the works of world’s great authors. They perform operettas, polkas, Waltzers and other domestic and world classics.

National Ensemble “Tanec”

Macedonian Philharmonics

Macedonia has festivals of wine (Vinoskop), food, architecture, days of poetry, handcrafts and other attractive cultural events that enchant with their rich program.

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