The Murals of Kyiv: Art revolution of Ukraine

There comes a time when everyone had enough of war, debts, chaos, negativity and this is the time when good things start to happen. In such spirit across Ukraine a group of both International and Ukrainian young artists have come to change how Kyiv looks. These young hope bringers have made some of the most picturesque landscapes, historical personas, patriotic scenery and just wonderful art in general. These colorful murals are coming up across Ukrainian capital city and thanks to Ukrainian blogger Sergii Gryshkevych, currently located in Sweden, he has created an interactive map to explore the various murals that decorate his home countries streets and buildings. (via uatoday)

385193401 Source: UNIAN

385193434 Source: UNIAN

385193437 Source: UNIAN

385193443 Source: UNIAN

385193446 Source: UNIAN

385193449 Source: UNIAN

385193455 Source: UNIAN

385193464 Source: UNIAN

385193467 Source: UNIAN

Did you like any of those, or maybe found other interesting ones on interactive map? 

What do you think?

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