The New Wave Of Slavic Music

So world has hit a plateau that makes us think how the music scene has reached new low point where nothing new and refreshing is made. Well lucky for us we have to represent you the newest wave of Slavic themed music. We have a brand new discovery for you, and just to add, even people that don’t like drum&bass music will love it. So the name of the “band” is Нейромонах Феофан (in eng: neurofeofan) and they started to make a lot of cool songs! We are sure you will enjoy and laugh due to their funny videos choreography and Slavic theme in a fun and light way. We just have to tell you that you should get your self ready for some awesome Slavic music heading your way:

All videos are themed with Slavic (in this case Russian) folklore, epics and traditional rural areas while along modern electric music traditional instruments such as Balalaika (in South Slavic “Tamburica”)

So let us tell you, in some near future when you come up on some dull party….this is the music you play dear Slav.

What do you think?

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