The Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” and black smoke plumes

Social media titled it as a “19th century steam-powered ship fueled by coal”

Photo: wikimedia / youtube screenshot

Russia – Recently you had a chance to see a report that Russian aircraft carrier titled “Admiral Kuznetsov” is on its way to Syria. At the moment he is sailing through the Northern Sea between France and England, and it became a target of internet jokes in a pretty much fast notice. Russians started to joke with it as their “steamship” because this unfortunate aging carrier blows massive plumes of black smoke.

It was supposed to show the might of Russian power but unfortunately the whole display of muscles backfired just a bit, most of memes were produced by various individuals over the social media after they saw this naval aircraft carrier.

19th century steam-powered ship fueled by coal

Some people spotted firefighting vehicles located on the carriers deck and concluded it’s probably somehow connected to the black smoke that the battleship produces.

But don’t laugh too much because “Admiral Kuznetsov” is still a fearsome battleship and technological awesomeness that carries over 50 warplanes & helicopters. Plus the fact that it is packed with impressive number of defensive armaments shaming most of warships that can be seen flowing around.

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