The Siberian Lynx

The Siberian Lynx is a real treat for all cat lovers. This sub specie of the Eurasian Lynx, is a medium-sized wild cat native to Siberian forests. Siberian Lynxes are mainly nocturnal. Their legs are extremely powerful, and large webbed and furred paws are like snowshoes. They are willing to swim, and can jump seven feet in the air to catch birds. Sounds made by the lynxes are similar to those of housecats- they will often purr and mew, especially when caring for young. via(source)560173_717801228295847_7351706501285203351_n 1912402_717801208295849_2163250972580979858_n 1956895_717801254962511_8931894086652375622_o 10701950_717801271629176_1347746158481297465_n 10703816_717801218295848_2523887715594605159_n

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