The Surprising Applications Of Bulgarian Rose Oil

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Bulgarian roses and especially their essential oil are famous all over the globe for two main reasons – the roses are extremely fragrant and they have notably oil-bearing petals suitable for refined extraction through distillation. Apart from being used in cosmetics, the essence of these petals has plenty of other applications that most people wouldn’t even think of.

Oddly enough, even though the petals lack nutrition (they are edible, nonetheless), their essential oil is packed with vitamins, provitamins, all-trans retinoic acids, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. So how can you use these properties to your advantage? By treating rose oil as something more than just a fancy perfume substitute, of course.

Contrary to popular belief, the tiny (and expensive) quantities in which essential oils are sold actually need to be diluted with water instead of used in their highly concentrated form. Diluting them means not only using them for longer, but actually unlocking their health properties without risking allergic reactions and other similar side effects. So whether you’re thinking of using rose oil for perfume, compress, aromatherapy or other purposes, don’t ever use the undiluted highly concentrated liquid as it is.

Speeding the healing process of physical injuries

The benefits of Bulgarian rose oil are particularly wondrous when it comes to dealing with bruises, blemishes, wounds, acne, inflammation and even severe physical injuries. The oil hydrates the skin, reliefs the painful sensation by cooling down the irritant receptors, nourishes the damaged and the healthy skin cells. As such, it has great potential for commercial medicines and for homemade remedies.

Relieving migraines and headaches

Widely used in aromatherapy, Bulgarian rose oil can definitely chase away migraines and anxiety and keep them at bay. Numerous researches have been carried out on the positive effects of aromatherapy with rose oil and the miraculous effects it has on physical and psychological relief in patients with mild headaches, as well as on people suffering from agonizing migraines.

Promoting mental health

Not only does inhaling the scent of rose oil help with headaches, but it actually promotes overall mental health. Case studies have shown that patients who have undergone rose oil aromatherapy feel more energized, are less stressed out and have a more positive approach towards their daily routines.

Easing respiratory disorders

Rose oil, be it Bulgarian or not, can never replace medicine manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry, but it can definitely help with some respiratory disorders such as asthma, blocked sinuses or coughing. By boiling a large pot of water, slipping a couple of drops of rose oil into the pot and carefully inhaling the vapor, you’ll ease the pressure on your lungs, throat and nasal passage due to the moisturizing and soothing effects of the essential oil.

Slowing down the natural aging of human skin

Bulgarian rose oil isn’t the essence of a mythical fountain of youth, although it can indeed seem like it rejuvenates the skin. Thanks to its nutritious contents, the soothing, hydrating and healing properties of the oil can be applied on dry, mature or irritated skin in order to slow down the aging process and to aid in everyday skin care. Tiny quantities of rose oil combined with creams can safely be applied on the skin or even used in baths.

Of course, as it is with every other homemade remedy, there is no miraculous cure for everything. While rose oil can boost mental and physical health, it’s not medicine by any means, so thread carefully with it. Many people are allergic to essential oils and the best way to prevent unpleasant and possibly dangerous side effects is to always do a skin test prior to actually using the oil.

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