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The Symbolical Cemetery of the Tatras

The Symbolical Cemetery of the TatrasThe Symbolical Cemetery is a dignified memory of the victims of the Tatras. It is situated at Popradské pleso lake in the High Tatras. The visitors are welcomed by the motto written on the chapel wall: “For the memory of the dead – to warn those who are alive”. The Symbolical Cemetery is the place where you can revere the memory of the victims of the Tatras. It is situated below the western wall of the mount Ostrva. The father of the idea and its main designer was the painter Otakar Štáfl. The Symbolical Cemetery, opened on 11th August 1940, is situated in the shadow of a cedar pine wood. It is composed by a small chapel with a wooden shingle roof, carved wooden crosses and dozens memorial plaques. There are also plaques with the names of the Tatra mountaineers who lost their lives during mountaineering expeditions all over the world. Unfortunately, the number of memorial plaques is not complete. At present there are 278 memorial plaques and about 56 carved wooden crosses. The Symbolical Cemetery is open to the public from 1th July to 31st December. It can be acceded from Popradské pleso lake by the yellow tourist path.

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Tatry, beautifully dangerous :

The truth is that a lot of Czech and Polish tourists underestimate nature of the Tatra mountains and they’re very undisciplined there. When the Slovak media inform people about next lost life in the Tatras, most of time it is a Czech or a Pole. When you type Čech Tatry or Poliak Tatry into google, you’ll get some bad news about their death or rescue in better case. The same goes for Hungarian tourists, though they are not so numerous.

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