The Top 5 Inventions Made In Russia That Changed The World

Just a little list of inventions from Russia, for you to learn about

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Russia – Every nation has a group of people who have dedicated their lives to bring something new to a human kind. And Russia is not different here as well. This huge country had many amazing people who discovered or invented something we use every day without even thinking from where it came from.

But today, let’s change that a bit and let’s get aquatinted with five inventions made in Russia that indeed changed the way of living not only in the birth country but the entire world too!

Grain Harvester

As many of us know, Russia used to be and still is, the country where the big part of its populations works with agriculture. Because of such huge numbers of people working in the fields, naturally the need of making such hard work easier appeared. So, in 1868, Andrei Vlasenko, who ran an estate in Tver province, invented what we now call grain harvester. At first, this technological marvel was made entirely out of wood and run by three horses, but soon Vlasenko improved it by building two machines, powered by two horses and driven by a single operator.

However, the sad thing is that Vlasenko is not considered as the father of harvester, because a few decades later after this invention was already working hard in the fields, one American newspaper delivered breaking news about a brand new invention – Thrasher built in California, which was similar to the one made by Vlasenko.

Synthetic rubber

Right now it is hard to find a vehicle which doesn’t have rubber wheels. Synthetic rubber is also used in medicine, seals, insulation, but not everyone knows that it was the Russian who helped to bring such vital element of our daily life in the world. We should all be thankful to Russian chemist Sergei Lebedev, who obtained the first specimens of synthetic rubber in 1910. Right now, most of the things around you contain this synthetic rubber, and it is hard to imagine our lives without it for sure.

Videotape recorder

In 1950’s, a Russian immigrant Alexander Poniatoff (Poniatov), who was at that time just an ordinary student, started the company named Ampex in the USA. And this company was the one, who changed the world. In fact, the Ampex was producing the first video signal recorder, which was the leader in the market for more than fifty years. Many global electronics giants had to use Poniatoff’s invention to produce home video equipment which we also use today. Moreover, right now the first video tape recorder is a valuable collective item, which you can try to dig in Amazon, buy it cheaper with these discount codes and wait for profit in the future!


Well, not the ones with Optimus Prime, but the ones which work with high voltage electricity grids. These transformers were actually invented by two Russian scientists: electrical engineer Pavel Yablochkov and physicist Ivan Usagin. And the surprising fact is that this invention was made in the 1870s, which is pretty amazing! This super device was firstly used in Paris and St Petersburg. However in 1882, the open core transformer was patented by French inventors Lucien Gaulard and Josiah Willard Gibbs and the world remember them as the ones inventing this mechanism.


The last invention which actually originated in Russia is a helicopter. In 1910, Igor Sikorsky created the prototype of a rotor-driven device, which successfully fly above the ground for a little bit, and many years followed improving this invention further. However, after the 1917 Revolution in Russia, he had to move to the US. Back there, we created this own personal company called Sikorsky Aero Engineering Company. In September 1939, inventor designed a first modern looking helicopter. The design of that machine is now the base of every other helicopter in the world, and we can thank Igor for that for sure!

Other honorable mentions: petrol cracking, television, yogurt, solar cell, radio, electrically-powered railway wagons, caterpillar tracks, track assembly. 

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