They Like To Play Russian Roulette Game

Perm citizen Valery Eshchenko invented a new kind of extreme entertainment, resurrecting a forgotten game of “Russian Roulette”. Rules of the game are almost identical to the original “Russian roulette“, except that instead of bullets players get an electric shock. Valery Eshchenko, fond of MMA in the past and won the world title in universal fight, came up with his game, lying in a hospital bed, where he was treated for minor discharges of electricity from paralysis. Valery patented his game and ordered a Chinese party revolvers firing rubber bullets. Together with his brother he had fun by firing guns electric cartridges. Small discharge completely harmless to human health and affects only the skin. Twice a month, men aged 18 to 40 years old are found in the gym basement type to try their luck and feel the adrenaline rush. More info: source[divider]

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