This Couple Decided To Have a Bear Get Them Married Instead of a Priest

Why have a priest if you can get a bear do it?

Moscow, Russia – These days Denis and Nelya from Moscow decided to have a large few ton heavy bear Stepan to attend their very special day. They are both 30 now and decided to exchange vows to each other, while Bear had a role of a registrar reported UralPolit.

We bet it was a very interesting experience for them and they definitely succeed in making their wedding get famous world-wide. So lesson is, if you want to get world-wide eyeballs focused on something you plan to do, make sure to get in contact with Stepan the Bear.

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Photo by Olga Barantseva

“We both knew Stepan is a very kind bear but still it is a huge, unpredictable animal so we were a bit scared, but still happy to be able to make our dream come true.” ~ Denis said

Photo by Olga Barantseva Photo by Olga Barantseva Photo by Olga Barantseva Photo by Olga Barantseva

Wanna get married by a bear?

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