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This Elderly Bosnian Woman Heals People By Licking Their Eyeballs

….hey son, want me to clean that dust particle in your eye?

Photo: Carters News Agency

80-year-old Bosniak babushka Čelebić from the village of Crnjevo has already became famous, this incredible old grandma still provokes the admiration and wondering of all who meet with her. She is, by definition, the only person in the world to treat people by licking their eyes (literally, licking your damn eyeball), and since her children do not want to continue this practice (which Baba was taught by an old woman from her village).

This means that her amazing practice will probably die as a method of alternate healing together with her one day. Baba has so far been able to cure more than 5,000 people (at least she claims) by licking eyes, and people come to check in from all over the world reports DailyMail

The treatment procedure is simple: alcohol disinfects the tongue after which the patient spreads his eyelashes, and the Babas tongue polishes the apple and solves the problem.

Of course, this treatment can not cure any illness that has nothing to do with the eyes, but any problems, primarily those created by foreign bodies such as metal, glass or dust, disappear with just a few babas licks.

Photo: Carters News Agency

Her services are usually charged at $70 , but those who are unemployed or in financial trouble do get the treatment for free. She does not deny modern medicine, but claims that sometimes she has no answers and solutions to some problems, so many people turn to alternative medicine.

Photo: Carters News Agency

In jokes, she says some people intend to cut off her tongue after dying in the hope that she will be able to continue her practice, but we are afraid that the secret is in her technique, not the tongue itself.

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