This is How Russian Summer Looks Like

Unexpected things happen in Russia, like comets, earth holes so it is not so strange we have a chance to see something unusual now, this summer. The local citizens of Vorkuta have been blessed with a sudden snowstorm in middle of midsummer reports DlyaKota. On Friday in the city temperature was was 12°, and then came a sudden cold snap on the night between Saturday to Sunday, were local thermometers dropped to 0 degrees and Russians had a chance to enjoy snow in middle of summer. Russian forecasters predict that temperatures will slowly rise even to 20°c and in meanwhile local residents can enjoy making summer snowmen and taking this phenomenon pictures for social media to share with their friends.

Let us look what photos were made by local Russians:


The whole area is covered in snow


Children and their parents are confused so no one plays in child playgrounds


Local priests also are confused and peek from Church to see what is going on


Snowmen are built, it’s the new Russian trend this summer


No one expected they will have to clean their cars from snow during summer

vorkuta_07 vorkuta_05 vorkuta_04 vorkuta_03 vorkuta_02

Only in Russia!

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