This Is How Wild Croatian High School Graduation in 2017 Looks Like

Finally they are over with school and starting with a massive party

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We have already covered Russian graduates last year, it looked like it was a blast all over Russia. However this time we captured how Croatian graduates behave, and it is no less interesting. They call it “Norijada” and it is a traditional mark of the end of secondary education.

The celebration officially began by gathering in the main square in Zagreb, meaning most tourists where kinda shocked as everything looked like there will be a massive rave party in middle of the city center.

They gathered around Ban Jelacic Square, where their partying took a full swing.

Graduates where showing how well calibrated they are for alcohol and all the fun ways through which they can consume it (Med teams are impressed also).

Many fell for a short swim in a well called “Mandusevac”, usually not a place where Croats swim in, except in this kind of occasions.

Unfortunately, one senior during  his “bathing time” stepped on a broken piece of glass and ended up on sewing by the lucky med team nearby.

Tradition here is to have as funnier or senseless sentence on your T-shirt as you can, like teacher above that is wearing “best teacher” T-shirt, or below with “I Design your shirt”.

Needless to say, it seems to be a pretty jolly good time to be there. Just check the pics yourself.

After the party, boys had to clean up the place so the tourists wouldn’t be too unhappy with their visit.

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