This is how wild Russian High School Graduation in 2016 looks like

Finally they are over with school and starting with a massive party

Saratov, Russia – schools mostly have graduations in month of May so traditionally ceremony that is held for graduation is called “The Last Bell”. That is a common name for this celebration in post-Soviet countries as a symbol of last school bell that rings, usually rung by a first-grader.

Students that are ready to leave their schools forever wear classics school uniforms or formal school dress, so girls wear Soviet-style school attire with white aprons and white hair bows (actually reminds of Japanese manga cartoons).

Thanks to smartphones of today most of the pictures are instantly uploaded to social networks as Facebook or Russian Vkontakte so here are some of the images from the 2016. Last Bell event.

Graduates2016-60 Graduates2016-61 Graduates2016-59 Graduates2016-56 Graduates2016-54 Graduates2016-46 Graduates2016-45 Graduates2016-44 Graduates2016-43 Graduates2016-40 Graduates2016-37 Graduates2016-35 Graduates2016-34 Graduates2016-31 Graduates2016-29 Graduates2016-27 Graduates2016-23 Graduates2016-22 Graduates2016-12 Graduates2016-11 Graduates2016-10 Graduates2016-8 Graduates2016-7 Graduates2016-6 Graduates2016-5 Graduates2016-4 Graduates2016-3 Graduates2016-2 Graduates2016-1 Graduates2016-15

They are looking pretty happy right?

What do you think?

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