This is no “Storm Trooper” equipment, it is the new Ukrainian military Helmet

Star Wars becoming real before we even expected it?

Ukraine – No this is not camo Storm Trooper armor from Star Wars, this is a new Ukrainian military combat mask that was presented to public thee days. By the imaginative name “Cyborg” many internet communities have found a striking similarity between these masks (especially if white for winter combat) with the famous imperial troopers of the planetary popular Star Wars movies.

Despite the cool similarities with the movie franchisee, it’s main purpose that it was built for is to protect the faces of military personnel from grande fragments, explosions, fire and even bullets so it’s quite an useful military equipment. Story via Gashun and more photos below:

kiborg_01 kiborg_02 kiborg_03 kiborg_05 kiborg_06 kiborg_10 kiborg_11 kiborg_12 kiborg_13 - Copy 1377443_1551967035051766_3284864233769749802_n-642x600 - Copy 10945510_1550866405161829_4564758603894691873_n-693x600 - Copy kiborg_01 - Copy

What do you think?

What do you think?

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