This mountain resort in Ukraine will blow your mind away

You might never want to return back home after this…

Carpathians, Ukraine – You probably already heard, Carpathian region is one of the places where Slavic ethnic group and most of early Slavic tribes come from. It’s an ancient region, that is filled with forests, wildlife but also fertile soil, one of the very reasons why so many Slavic tribes lived here. Today you can also enjoy that, but with a 21st century relaxation in 20th century wooden villa. It’s one of those amazing accommodations in Mihovo that we had to show you.

Guest House Mihovo offers rustic-style cottage accommodation featuring a fireplace, cable TV and kitchen facilities. A balcony offering mountain views is included.

You wake up and this is what you see from your terrace:

You don’t have to worry for food, it’s traditional

Mihovo’s Restaurant Kolyba serves traditional food from the Carpathian region. So you can be sure you won’t have an empty belly here, it’s absolutely fantastic.

Ride a horse like a medieval Carpathian Slav

To feel even more Slavic all tourists can go on a horse riding, with a proper Slavic medieval attire you will be genuine to the area. But also there are modern things like renting bicycles or rent a quad bike. Younger guests can enjoy free use of the accommodation’s children’s playground.

Winters are very pretty here, actually they are amazing

But don’t worry even in winter you don’t have to walk throught snow to here, because it’s well connected with roads and House Mihovo offers private parking for free. Chernivetsi Train Station and Chernivetsi Airport are located 60 km away, while a bus stop can be found 5 minutes’ walk from the accommodation.

Skiing during winter? you got it!

It is ideally situated for hiking and skiing, with a ski area located 400 m away. Cozy wooden cottage will give you a one of a kind relaxation during winter here, it just doesn’t get better than this to be honest.

Interior with amazing Slavic details will feel you cozy

This will not be just relaxation, you will also be able to enjoy Slavic rural culture in it’s fullest sense. Embroidered carpets, wooden house, pictures of saints, traditional little plants in vases that are there for a reason. All of this will make it unforgettable…and very cozy!

Did we mention there is a poll there also?

Well you heard us right, if it gets too hot just jump in for extra enjoyment!

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