This Russian photographer has the hardest job in the world – Taking photos of hot Slavic Women

Russian that works really hard on a really hard job

Photo: fshmidt via instagram.com

Hey do you know that horrible feeling when you have to wake up early in the morning to go to your work that sucks and you hate it? Well sorry but this isn’t a post for you then, because this Russian photographer Fedor Shmidt is one of those guys that enjoy their work a bit too much.

He is actually a quite famous photographer in the world, and he might also have the best job in the world too. Models line up to shoot with Fedor and he looks like he enjoys the company. Slightly NSFW post we know, but hey let us not act like you aren’t interested, that’s why you clicked anyway. More info: Fedor Shmidt, Instagram, VK, Tumblr (h/t: thechive)