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This Three-Headed Dragon Statue in Russia Breathes Real Fire, Step Aside

You might feel hot while watching at it

Photo: kudikina-gora / website

Russians today just like Soviets in the past love to make big grandiose projects be it buildings, statues, weapons…or even just playgrounds. You should thank them for that, because of this habit they probably made the best statue in the whole wide world. It is a magnified monument to Zmej (dragon in Slavic languages), a mythological character who made a lot of trouble for for the rural Slavic populations across Eastern Europe and main nemesis of folk heroes in Russian tales (bogatyrs).

This dragon statue was completely carved out of stone and made of wire mash. They situated it in Kamenka of Zdonak, district of Lipetsk and we are sure if you get anywhere close it will be hard to miss it. This theme park full of eye candy will give you a moment of peace because your kids will enjoy exploring it, but let us be honest, even adults will enjoy it. [more info: kudikina-gora website]

By checking the link up there, you’d end up on their website and find a interesting map that will visualize all the neat stuff you can find there.

If you decide to visit, remember not to stand too close to the statue, it does breathe real fire!

In the part besides the awesome dragon you will find craftspeople, petting zoo, Russian folk hero monuments (bogatyrs) and plenty of environments to interact with.

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