This Ukrainian Photographer Captures A Fairytale Photo Masterpieces

Art of photography is pushed to the limits by Eastern European Photographers

“Perfection” describes these amazing photo works of a young Ukrainian artist Chervona Vorona. She is a very talented photographer who really knows how to turn all your dreams into reality. Her fairy tale retouch is magnificent and flawless. It’s impossible not to fall in love with her pictures. Enchanting, inspiring and imaginative! More info: InstagramFacebookFlickr h:t/(Designyoutrust)

“Fairy tales, this is the most important thing, my main inspiration, therefore, my images are of different ages, but they are all united by magic or a hint of it. Maybe it’s because of the books read in childhood. Although I now read mostly fairy tales! Imagination is very important in my work! But of no less importance are things like observation and resourcefulness,” she told Paradox Ethereal Magazine.

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