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Three Macedonians Rob A Post Office in Slovakia, Later They Published Bragging Selfies And Got Arrested

When your big biznis went so good you just have to brag about it…

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Three men from the Republic of Macedonia have committed a robbery in the past days at a post office in Slovakia near Trnava. Three men arrived on October 3 at 6:10 in a Kia Sportage passenger car to the post office. One drove the car and dropped it at the cemetery while the other two moved to the post office. They pushed the unlocked doors of the post and sprayed a tear-like spray on the employees eyes. Under the threat of using guns, they forced them to pay more money reports

With their money and personal belongings they escaped with their car. The police pursued them during their escape, and eventually they jumped out of the car on a field road and tried to hide in the cornfield. They continued their journey to Jelka, where they fled.

Breaking down


“On the second day after the robbery, one of them was detained by the operatives of the Trnava criminal police” ~ regional police spokeswoman Martina Kredatusová said

The investigator, two days after the robbery, could blame all three suspected Macedonians for the crime thanks to the verified selfies they took to brag about their successful raid. 


“For the committed crime of robbery, they are threatened with prison time from seven to twelve years” the spokeswoman added.

At the same time, the police are asking citizens who have any information about the accused to join the police to help them settle down.

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