Tiny Slovenia is a glowing jewel in Europe

Slovenia is that little tiny country that has to show a lot, at times much more then some large European countries. In this beautiful country you will find green rivers as if emeralds flow in them, and huge canyons that could be even compared to Norwegian Fjords. This time on example we will take you a bit through Slovenian Alps and Vintgars. Vintgar throat on example is shaped by Radovna river and it carved the canyon up to 100 meters in height. Photos via: Vicente Villamón, Gilad Rom, Rosino,

The area is full ot rapids, ponds and interesting pools with beautiful turquoise colored pools that will remind you of Croatian Plitvice lakes. As you approach to the end of the rivers you will see an amazing waterfall that is high over 13 feet, amazing isn’t it. Then you can enjoy the beautiful view from the town Bled on the already quite famous Bled lake and it’s middle island. In general as you can see in Slovenia no matter it’s size you will find from beaches to Alps to most amazing scenery these lands can offer.

No this is not scenery from Jurassic Park, this is Slovenia but if you are imaginative enough this is a place where you can dream and relax for hours.

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