Top 10 Beaches in Montenegro You Should Visit This Summer

Despite the fact that Montenegro is a small country it is rich with beautiful beaches and natural sites which have earned country the nickname Adriatic Gem

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Whether you are looking for a secluded getaway, place to chill and relax, party or learn how to kite surf, Montenegro has it all and more. Let’s take a tour through the Top 10 beaches of the smallest Slavic country.


This beach is located in Ulcinj, the southernmost Montenegrin city. This sand beach is 12 km long, and it is the longest beach in the country. The New York Times included Velika Plaža in their ”Top Places to Go in 2010’’. Apart from its beauty and length, this beach is famous as the best kite surfing spot on the Adriatic coast and there is a number of kite surfing schools along the beach.


This is a beach in Ulcinj region. Valdanos beach is crescent-shaped, known for its round pebble shoreline that extends for 300 metres. The beach is part of a coastline at Valdanos that extends for approximately three kilometers.


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This beach is settled in the Buljarica cove in Budva municipality. The beach is about 2 km long and its remoteness along with its beauty is one of its best qualities. If you are looking for a getaway, if you are tired from the crowd and noise, this place will suit you perfectly.


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Kraljičina plaza beach is located in the Budva municipality. It got its name Queen’s Beach because it was a favorite resort for Queen Marija Karađorđević. It is about 150 meters long sandy beach and it is settled among cypress and olive trees. It is only accessible by a boat.


Miločer beach is also known under the name of “King’s beach”. It is situated next to the Queen’s beach and it is surrounded by 18 acres of park which have some exotic species such as: Lebanon cedar, tropical mimosa, cactus, agaves and many others. The beach is 280m long and it is a sandy beach.


This is a small tourist islet approximately 5 km away from Budva.  Once a small fishing islet, it was connected by a sandbank to the mainland and turned into a luxurious hotel. On the both sides the bank, there is a sandy beach with small red pebbles.


Mogren beach is definitely one the best beaches in this region thanks to its fine sand, clear sea and secluded location. It is actually two beaches connected by a tunnel, and the total length of two beaches is 350 meters. It has extraordinary sand and clear water.


This beach is settled  in the region of Donji Grbalj and is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in the Montenegrin coast. It is inald, so it is protected from high waves. It is about 200 meters long, with fine sand, clear blue sea and unspoiled natural environment. It is close to Jaz and Ploce.


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This is a beach in Budva municipality. It is located 2.5 km west of Budva. It consists of two parts, one 850 meters long and the other, formerly a nudist beach, 450 m long. It is a pebble beach, with a campground along the greater part of the beach (capacity 2,000 lots).

While it is a popular beach for sunbathing and camping, and is one of the longer beaches in Montenegro, it has gained international prominence as a host of the award winning Sea Dance Festival.


Žanjice is located in the Lustica peninsula, and apart from its impeccably clean water and white pebbles beach, it is also famous for its proximity to the Island of Mamula and famous Blue cave. The beach is about 300 meters long and there is a thick shade created by the old olive trees.

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