Top 10 Slavic Crafted Beers You Have To Try

People in Europe have always been known for their avid gift of drinking insane amounts of beer through the history. Two European groups drink the beer the most, Germanics and Slavs with most notable being German and Czech beer fests. However after decades of dominance by the German lager and Czech pilsner industries, the new weave of eclectic beer scene is conquering Eastern Europe and spreading like a virus over the whole old continent. So no worriers as if you can’t make it in any Slavic country this summer, there is a big chance your own local crafted beer shops and bars will have at least some of this highly addictive beers with even better packages that you can enjoy like you are a real beer addict Slav!

10# Poland – Browar Birbant

9# Russia – COM2 Brewery

8# Belarus – OAO Krinitsa brewery

7# Bulgaria – Glarus brewery

6# Slovakia – Minipivovar Richtár Jakub

5# Serbia – Kabinet brewery

4# Ukraine – Tusk Craft Brewery

3# Czech – Břevnovský Pivovar

2# Slovenia – Bevog Brewery

1# Croatia – Zmajska pivovara (in world top 10)

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