Top 4 Highest Paid Slavic Instagram Models

A global trend, Instagram modeling and entrepreneurship has its very successful representatives among Slavs as well

With 800 million users, Instagram is the most used social media platform in the world after Facebook, and certainly most popular visual one. While most of us use social media for entertainment and informational purposes, some beautiful and photo savvy ladies have managed to carve out careers and make fortunes out of it. A global trend it seems, Instagram modeling and entrepreneurship has its very successful representatives among Slavs as well.

Alena Shishkova


With more than 6 million followers on Instagram, Shishkova tops the list of most popular and best paid Slavic models on social media. After taking part in Miss Russia beauty pageant in 2012 and winning the title of Vice Miss, her photographs went viral on sites such as Tumblr, Reddit and many international forums and blogs. Making the most out of this momentum, Shishkova spent the following years modeling internationally for various glamour fashion brands in Europe, US and Asia. As Instagram grew to become the biggest visual online platform, Alena’s profile turned into one of the most visited. Except for her modeling career, her stardom grew also due to public relationship with a Russian rapper Timati, with whom she has a daughter. Besides Timati, her famous love conquests include Dinamo Moscow goal keeper Anton Shunin and surprisingly two boyfriends who were younger than herself. One of them was Nikita Mazepin, 17 year old pilot for Sahara Force India F1 team, and another was 19 year old Yuri Osipov, son of ex president of Russian Academy of Sciences. Considering Alena’s highly publicized romances with some of the most popular men in Russia and glamorous photos she shares daily on social media, it is no wonder why she is among the best paid Slavic models on Instagram.

Victoria Bonya


Known for her career in reality TV and marriage to son of Irish billionaire Alexander Smurfit, Victoria is also an A-lister in the world of social media. Posting snaps of her life in Monte Carlo, as well as many traveling related photos, Bonya has managed to attract 6 million followers. Contrary to the belief of many that followers are just numbers, large audience has enabled Bonya to advertise many brands on her profiles, and even start a few fashion and beauty related businesses. Hailing from the small Russian city of Krasnokamensk, Bonya arrived to Moscow in order to study journalism and broadcasting. However, she eventually joined one of Russia’s most viewed reality shows, Dom. Her participation led to TV hosting opportunities, and she has worked as a presenter ever since. After spending 7 years with Smurfit, Bonya separated from him in 2017. However, she still lives in Monaco with their daughter Angelina, although she frequently travels for work. Using her social media platforms, Bonya has recently launched her latest project called ‘Extending the horizons, life here and now’ in multiple cities across Russia. It is a series of seminars for women, where they can learn how to organize their minds and actions in order to achieve their goals.

Lena Perminova


With almost 2 million followers, Perminova is certainly one of the most intriguing Slavic social media personalities. With model-esque beauty and height, Perminova also has an interesting and unusual life story to tell. Today, she is happily married to a Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev with whom she has three children. She is one of the most followed and imitated fashion icons in Russia and beyond, a regular front row name on Fashion Weeks worldwide and co owner of a newly launched bakeries chain Lena and Grechka. However, things weren’t always going so well for Perminova, as she was arrested at the age of 16 for selling ecstasy in a nightclub. Doing it as a favor for her boyfriend at the time, it brought her a sentence of six years in jail. Petitioning for her freedom, her father alerted many members of Russian parliament, and former KGB agent Alexander Lebedev came to the rescue. Quickly after he got involved, Lena was released from her sentence and two began a romance despite the age gap of 27 years. They live in a harmonious household, which is something Perminova frequently shares on her social media profiles, alongside fashion related images. Gaining support and admiration of luxury brands because of her unique style, Lena has worked with Chanel, Valentino and numerous other designers. Yet, fashion remains only one of her many passions she wishes to further pursue and turn into a business using platforms such as Instagram and support of her many followers.

Anastasia Reshetova


With almost 2 million followers on Instagram, 22 year old Anastasia Reshetova has managed to maintain a successful modeling career, get herself a millionaire rapper and start two fashion and beauty related businesses. Her path to stardom started at the tender age of 18, when she first entered Miss Russia competition, where she was crowned Vice Miss. It has been reported in media she receives a paycheck of 100 000 rubles per one sponsored Instagram post, while an average monthly paycheck in Russia is about 22 000 rubles. Except for paid posts, her income is combined of her fashion brand IN HYPE and beauty salons Anatomia Beauty Clinic and IN HYPE Beauty Zone. Reshetova published a self help autobiographical book in 2017, titled ‘Today, I woke up as another’. Its goal was to teach young girls about proper nutrition, fitness, beauty regimens and so on. She is enrolled at Moscow School of Cinema and has expressed a desire to become a TV host in the near future.

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