Top 5 places to visit in Transcarpatia, Ukraine

There are 32 lakes on the territory of Transcarpathians, but Synevyr is the most breathtaking one, which is at the same time the largest and deepest mountain lake in Ukraine. Lake Synevyr is fairly considered the most valuable natural treasure of the same named National Natural Park and considered to be a must visit in the Ukrainian Carpathians. It is located at an altitude of 989 meters above the sea level. The lake was formed in the post-glacial period, about 10 thousand years ago as a result of the overflow of the river valley with shifts.


If you want to have a swim in the lake, unfortunately, you can not. It is protected by the state authorities and I hardly believe you want to go in the water, the maximum water temperature in the lake is barely reaching 13 degrees.

Palanok Castle

The grand fortress that rises above the city is the main attraction of ancient Mukachevo. The cozy Transcarpathian town that is located on the banks of the Latorytsia River. It was built on an even, almost flat terrain, without slopes and hills. If you look at the city from above, it seems that it lies before the viewer, as in the palm. The more magnificent it rises above the Mukachevo castle – its foundation was build on the inactive 68-meter volcano mountain. Mukachevo was built around an impregnable fortress, because in those ancient times, when the castle and the city were only emerging, the inhabitants had to defend the building from numerous enemies. And the castle did it`s job, it`s defense system was never beaten.

Mukachevo, along with the fortress, is located in the historic area, the former part of the principality of Transylvania. It is Transylvania that Irish writer Bram Stoker has chosen as a homeland for his legendary prince Dracula. The historic prototype of the literary vampire, Vlad Zepesh, never owned the castle, but Transilvanian Prince Zhigmond Batory, close relative of the legendary Erzhebet Batory, who became known as the “bloody countess”. Owned this area and often had his evil sister as a guest. Legends say that she kidnapped lots of local girls to pump their blood into her body. Lady Batory went extra mile with making sure she stays young and beautiful forever.

Rehabilitation centers for wildlife animals

There are plenty of wildlife centers in Transcarpatians, they were created to help increase animals` population, that suffers big time because of illegal hunting. There are separate centers for wolves, deer, bisons, that you can visit, but the biggest one is for brown bear – the biggest animal of Ukrainian fauna.


This center occupies an area of 12 hectares. This includes animals that have been abusive or kept in captivity without appropriate conditions. Animals that enter the center undergo quarantine and vaccination, and therefore their adaptation to half-free conditions of stay. Consequently, the center’s efforts are focused on sanitary, veterinary, food supply of animals.

Tourists have the opportunity to see the bears in the natural environment, not in circuses and zoos, from where these animals are brought. You can also see baby bears, which are being held under protection of the center’s staff from poachers, illegal animal traders and trophy hunters.

Thermal waters

Thermal water treatment is well known procedure in the world. On the territory of Ukraine, thermal waters as a type of recreation are only beginning to develop, the main spots are located in the Transcarpathian region.

This is due to the tectonic structure of Transcarpathians. Here in the earth’s crust there are  lots of faults of different depths, and surface water through the faults penetrate into the bowels, heated and saturated with minerals, and then pressurized out to the surface.

Any kind of thermal water has a positive effect on the well-being of a person, but the effect is stronger if the source contains sodium, bromine, iodine, krypton, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, tungsten and other mineral and biologically active substances.

At the moment, in Transcarpathia, you can distinguish three cells where you can undergo a course of thermal water treatment:

1. Khust district, Velytany village Tourist complex “Warm water”

2. Thermal waters in Beregovo

3. Thermal waters in Kosino

Horseback tours

For those who like active vacationing, the best experience will be horseback riding in the mountains. For such courageous, in Transcarpathians there are a lot of organizations providing horseback riding with professional equipment, navigation and tracking system and qualified instructors. It offers interesting programs for tourists with any level of training and at any time of the year , but I would recommend to go in early fall, thank me later.

Horseback riding in Transcarpathians is a unique and special pleasure that will bring the tourist any season of the sea of impressions and will allow to appreciate the nature of the Carpathians in all its beauty (where the car will not travel) and authenticity.

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