Top 9 Russian Places to Wake Up in a Tent

There is one Russian photographer by the name Oleg Grigoryev and what he made for us is a photo shoot named “Morning Views From The Tent”. His life seems to be spectacular because what better is there than waking up, rolling out of your bed and first thing you open your eyes to is haven of nature.  His photos are also kind of fun because he frames these amazing sights with his stretched laying pose legs and tent. Grigoryev took these photos in the Fann Mountains of Tajikistan from campsites that were up to 4,700m above sea level, and the range has mountains that extend up to 5.5km above sea level. Given their height, it’s not surprising that we see Grogoryev’s legs resting in each photo! More: (via: mymodernmet)

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Fann Mountains

Chimtarga (4700m)

Big Allo Lake (3150m)

Near Mirali Peak

Lake Alaudin

Kulikalon Lake

Near Mirali Peak

Muddy Lake (3600m)

Awesome mornings right? 🙂

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