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Top Balkan beaches to visit on your summer vacation this year

We know you want to relax, so this is what we got for you

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Balkans – You might consider spending your summer on the Balkan beaches if you have never done this before. In case you want to plan your vacation on the Balkan, there is only one thing that you should have in mind, the prices are beyond reasonable. We are offering you a variety of beaches, starting from Montenegro with its clear water lakes, Croatia with its magnificent coasts and numerous islands, to Macedonia with its UNESCO protected lake and historic town.

Montenegro’s best

In case Budva is your choice for this summer, the one beach you have to visit is Queen’s Beach. It’s the perfect getaway, surrounded with magnificent mountains and enormous cliffs. As you sail towards the beach, you might as well feel like royalty, finding your own place on the beach to relax and dive into this peaceful area. You will have the chance to discover the beauties of the historic town of Budva, a city with more than 3,000 years of history, so you may also take a walk through the small cultural streets. Visit the ancient walls offering you an amazing panoramic view and the Citadela.

Croatia’s best

The famous Croatian islands are a popular destination for tourists worldwide, celebrities included. Compared to the other Balkan beach destinations, be ready to spend a little bit more money as Croatia’s prices differ from other Balkan summer destinations. But, it’s all worth it of course, as the cost of Dalmatia has a lot to offer. The third largest island in the Adriatic is called Brac, located in Dalmatia. The Brach Channel separates the island from the mainland. You can visit Vidova gora which is the tallest peak on the island. The beaches are large and sandy, surrounded by deep blue water and diving is also possible anywhere in the island. The most beautiful Balkan beaches that can be found here are: Golden Cape, Zlatni Rat and Golden Horn. But beware, in the peak of the summer season the beaches can get a bit noisy, as music is played and there are parties during the day and night almost every day.

Bulgaria’s best

Nesebar is considered to be the pride of the Black sea. Nesebar offers a lot of resorts as well as the beautiful sights of the old town. This summer destination offers peaceful and quiet atmosphere, so you may say that it is also the perfect option for a holiday with your partner or children also. But, this doesn’t mean that Nesebar doesn’t know how to party. If you are in the mood for party, visit Sunny Beach which is one of the biggest resorts and the perfect place for a good party. The accommodation prices are very reasonable, the people are very warm hearted and the service is good. Still, the swimming fans can be disappointed. At times and in different periods of the day, the weather can be windy and suddenly red and yellow flags can appear in the sea meaning that swimming is not recommended. Still, you can pay a visit to the pools as this sometimes happens.

Macedonia’s best

The Ohrid Lake and its Riviera offer the best choice as a perfect representative of the amazing Balkan beaches. While in the city of Ohrid, you will enjoy the beautiful cultural walk through the streets of the Old Town, visiting the cultural and historic buildings, monuments and churches. Ohrid will offer you a unique summer experience, as the prices are the cheapest on the Balkans but making your vacation the best you will ever have. The best beach on the Ohrid Lake is Ljubanishta, offering you long beaches, peaceful atmosphere with refreshing and clear water. The best time to visit the beach is around 6 pm, this way you will also have to chance to enjoy the magnificent sunset.

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