Toughest Slavic prisons

Toughest Slavic prisons – Many people see Slavs as tought people, often stubborn and psyhically strong. Then how does one deal with such individuals if they are criminals and disobey law? You probably guessed it, with even tougher police and prisons. Many of these prisons scarved the minds of Slavic populations that had them because of turbulent history from political to civilian perspective. One thing however was sure, if you ended in one of these joints you just don’t get out, it’s a living hell and you can forget those stories about Mexican, American and other prisons because this one for sure are the toughest! Enjoy the gallery and most of all enjoy your freedom!

Serbia – Zabela. Its the toughest prison in Serbia, located in Pozarevac where all the hardest criminals go there, inclouding Milorad Ulemek Legija. He said “If im free, in 24 hours i would gather JSO, and in 48 hours Kosovo would be ours, and then i would go back here in prison where i came with pride. Let me out only for 4 days.”

Croatia – Goli Otok. It was Yugoslavian Alcatraz located on an island. It was the most notorious prison in Titos Yugoslavia, a lot of torture was happening there. Today its out of use.

Russia – Black Dolphin. I was watching some youtube video and they beat the sh*t out of prisoners.

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