Traditional Medical Herbs In Slavic Baths

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Since ancient times in Slavic countries in the north, and especially Russia, sauna was considered to attribute to a healthy way of life of any person. Indeed, the benefits from the bath is much greater than the disadvantages. And if they properly made you could have achieve amazing results for your health. As you know, a bath made ​​to whip people with birch twigs. It increases blood circulation, allowed them to remove dead skin cells and stimulates the growth of new cells which was also an excellent substitute for a massage. 

However, this effect can be enhanced with the help of herbs. Mint was considered one of the most useful plants and it was an excellent stimulant activity of the brain, as well as expanding the airways, making it indispensable for colds. Mint perfectly relieves swelling, headaches and aids in digestion. After steaming in a bath with the help of peppermint, try to avoid excessive eating. Chamomile was the most popular in means of traditional medicine, as It has a gorgeous set of essential oils and vitamins. 

Chamomile is a wonderful antiseptic and calming effect. Brooms with chamomile are suitable for the treatment of skin diseases, poorly healing wounds and ulcers. On example the use of valerian should be taken carefully, because not every person responds to this plant is a positive way. The specific flavor can affect the receptors of some people, so before using valerian stems one should ask the person if he would mind. Valerian helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, and also provides a soothing effect on the nervous. St. John’s Wort is also used in particulate form and are scattered throughout the body. It is important not to forget about such things as the introduction into the birch broom branches of hypericum. Essential oils of plants have a positive impact for gout, as well as for the treatment of skin diseases and healing of small wounds. There are traditional Slavic baths all over Europe that offer these treatments.

Artemisia Herbs in the bath can be used in several ways, one of which is a “hammering” in the skin using a broom. We know that many of our ancestors used wormwood for such purposes. To do this, grind the dried tarragon and sprinkle a thick layer over the entire body. Then you can whip a man with a broom. Wormwood has remarkable curative effect and for bruises, wounds and ulcers. Herbal teas for the bath In addition to using herbs in a broom, you can also prepare herbal teas for rinsing after the parks. Here you are free to choose the composition of herbs that will suit your skin. Do not limit your choice, but do not forget that some plants may be irritating. 

Avoid herbs with a pronounced flavor, choose a neutral odor, so that people in the steam room would not get dizzy. Good broth will give your skin all the healing properties of herbs, saturate it with vitamins and essential oils. Enjoy your steam baths!

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