Traditional Slavic Hardening Of The Body

Hardening of the body is a system of procedures that increases the body’s resistance to adverse environmental effects, the development of conditioned reflex reactions in order to improve it. Hardening – a kind of training the body’s defenses, preparing them for the timely mobilization. In the process of hardening normal state of emotional sphere, the person becomes more restrained, balanced, and tempering procedures improve mood, give courage, increase performance and endurance. Seasoned people easily tolerate heat and cold, outside temperature swings that can weaken the body’s defenses.

Hardening of the organism should be carried out every day, without long breaks, and regardless of the weather conditions. A positive result will only be the case if the duration and strength of tempering procedures will gradually increase.

The transition to a more dramatic effect should be implemented gradually, by taking into account the state of the body, the nature of its responses to the impact. In spring and summer, hardening of the body can be carried out more intensively while in the autumn-winter period the temperature of water and air reduces in the significant intervals. Before hardening organism there are needs for ones preliminary training sparing procedures. You can start foot baths, wiping, and then start pouring, while respecting the principle of gradual decrease in temperature. Before tempering procedure, you need to see a doctor, because the tempering has a strong effect on the body, especially in people who start this first time. The doctor will choose the right tool tempering and advise how to apply it in order to prevent undesirable consequences.


Medical supervision in the process of hardening of the body will help to identify the effectiveness of procedures or detect unwanted variations in the health plan to let nature of hardening be proceeded in the future. Is also important in assessing the effectiveness of self-tempering procedures. Performed with controling the body weight, heart rate, sleep, appetite and general health. The main means of hardening include water, air and sunlight. In conjunction with exercise increases the efficiency of tempering procedures. The procedures selected depend on the state of health, geographic and climatic conditions of residence, time of year.


There are even specialized sauna houses that offer sauna, ice bath for people to enjoy and use are both a immunity, beauty and strengths treatment.

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