Traditional slovene houses

So figured it out that i should make some posts about Slovenia. I decided to start with some traditional houses. I am kinda “traditional” guy and i hunt for old houses which are extremly rare in Slovenia nowdays. Here are some examples;

House of Vogvar’s, Duplje (Upper Carniola)

House of Kegljevič’s, Pleterje (Slovene Styria)


House in Štanjel. The traditional house is small stoney part. Other two houses are product of 19th century enlargement under influence of Italian architecture so those two are not traditional.


This is typical old style slovenian Istra house.


Herman’s house


House in Podpeč


Another karst house


On the other hand for example Uskoki houses in Bela Krajina are wooden. Uskoki houses are often called Uskoški dvori becouse they housed many generation and other relatives and were used as mini forts if enemy came to attack. Most famous dvor that survived time is Šokčev dvor.

This is Škočev dvor nowdays sadly many elements like roof are replaced with modern material.

Older picture of Škočev dvor;

Another dvor in Jerneja vas;


House in Rogatec open air museum (Slovene Styria)

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