Traveling through amazing Russian “Katu-Yaryk” mountain pass

Katu-Yaryk is one of the most incredible adventures we have ever seen

Pass Katu-Yaryk, Russia –  is both entertaining and impressive. Descends into the valley r.Chulyshman on a slope of 70% (the height of 800 m, length – 3,5 km). Further, on the bottom of the canyon it drives to the southern. Teletskoje part of the lake, which occupies the second place in the depths of Russia after Lake Baikal.

Chulyshman – the biggest of the rivers flowing to the lake, and its share of water of the lake is about 70%. Chulyshman originates in Lake Dzhulukul at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level and empties into the southern part of the lake Teletskoye, forming a delta.

What do you need to know about Katu-Yaryk


Between them – the island Kamain. Length of Chulyshman is more than 200 kilometers. From Lake Dzhulukul river goes under a small slope on plateau, then the slope increases and then pass Katu-Yaryk flow where velocity increases significantly. The walls are high and tributaries form a series of high waterfalls.


Left tributary Bashkaus – as the famous “great and terrible” rafting river, part of which is almost impassable rapids for rafters.


The highest water level observed in Chulyshman is in early summer. When heavy rains may be significant flooding.


Road comes to Teletskoye Lake in the north, at the source of the river Biya.


Arrival of tourists in the Altyn-Tuu is precisely through Teletskoe lake.


The road through the mountains. In the valley Chulyshman is only one road on land.


Along the way, the road passes in the colored rocks – Red Gate.


Relax on the trout lake, including fishing – 120 USD per person a day.


All we can say is It’s worth it.


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