Ukrainian Artist Creates Amazing Photos To Describe Her Anxiety, This Is How She Did It

“Having ‘butterflies’ in one’s stomach can often refer to a feeling of joyful anticipation”

Do you ever feel like having butterflies in your stomach? This Ukrainian artist named Anya hails from New York, she turned the butterflies feeling into a stunning visual graphics. She successfully created the photo after a process that involved skeleton model, several photos layered together and couple hours of editing. After she merged those images together, the illusion was more clear, it was a girl opening her stomach and letting the butterflies out of her body. More info: Anya AntiInstagramYouTube

Having ‘butterflies’ in one’s stomach can often refer to a feeling of joyful anticipation, but for Anti, it means something more troublesome. “This image is a metaphor of dealing with stress, anxiety and releasing my inner bugs,” she wrote of the project on her YouTube channel.

“I’ve had issues with dark thoughts and depression for the past couple of years and this image represents my attempt to reconsider my life and to be reborn into a new person.” Anya

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