Ukrainians Who Changed The World For The Better With Their Work

Very often nowadays we take things for granted and don’t consider where they come from originally.

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There are people who change the world all the time, for the better by inventing new things, creating theories and discovering new territories. Nowadays we don’t often think about the origin of some objects and just take it for granted. But the names of the people who changed the world must be remembered. And these are the people who were born in Ukraine who influenced mankind in one way or another at some point in history.

Yuriy Voronyj and the first kidney replacement

Ukrainian doctor Yuriy Voronyj was the first doctor to commit kidney replacement surgery. The saved life of the patient wasn’t the only achievement of the event. Thanks to the surgery he also proved the organs taken from the dead body are not intoxicated and can serve a purpose in another body. This was  a huge push to transplantation development in the whole world.  

Yuriy Knorozov and the ancient Mayan language

The Mayan language was considered to be forgotten in the entire world for many centuries. Up until the time when Ukrainian linguist Yuriy Knorozov, the scientist from Kharkiv, the city in the Eastern Ukraine, saw something in the book with Mayan hieroglyphs that nobody could understood. Getting excited about the old rituals and actient secrets it took Yuriy two years to learn the Mayan languages again. A lot of information about Maya that we have now has been learnt from Yuriy and his translations.

Ihor Sikorskiy and the first helicopter

The Ukrainian engineer Ihor Sikorskiy who emigrated to the USA in the year of 1931 has patented the project of the machine with two propellers – at the top and at the tail. In May 1940 the inventor had risen the first helicopter into the sky and soon the company had its first order from the American army.

Viacheslav Petrov and the first CD.

Not a lot of people know that the first prototype of a CD was invented by a student of the Kiev university of cybernetics. The invention was made for the scientific purpose and had nothing to do with music.

Boris Grabovski and the first TV show

Boris Grabovski, the Ukrainian scientist was the first person in the world who managed to broadcast a moving picture on the screen. He produced the first TV show in 1928 and is officially recognized by UNESCO.

Boris is the son of the famous Ukrainian poet Pavel Grabovski who has been sent to exile in the early years of the Ukrainian Republic. Being in exile the only wish of the parents was to see Ukraine one more time. This is how the dream of showing Ukraine to his father grew into the scientific research and five years later into one of the most important inventions of the 20th century.

Leonard Smirnov and the Desalination of seawater

The professor of the Odessa academy, Leonard Smirnov, invented the technology of seawater desalination. The method consists of freezing the water in a certain way which forms crystals and gives the possibility to remove the salt. Besides the salt it became possible to remove the harmful substances and pollutants that have a negative effect over the human body.

Fedor Pirotskiy and the first electric tram

In 1870 the Ukrainian citizen Fedor Pirotsky created the technology that allowed the sending of an electrical signal through the metal wire. In 1880 Fedor presented the first project of a transport that would move through the electrical signal and only one year later in Berlin the first electric tram appeared based on the drawings of Fedor Pirotsky.

Very often nowadays we take things for granted and don’t consider where they come from originally. Although some of the mentioned inventions are almost never used at the present time (for example CDs) they were at the beginning of the huge and fast progress giving new ideas to new scientists and inventors. Check out some of the inventions that were made by your fellow citizens and undoubtedly you will be very surprised.

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