Unforgettable Kayaking Adventure in Russia on -27°C

Do you love adventures? Well if you do, you will love this as what is more adventurous than kayaking on -27° degrees surrounded by a frost river? Thanks to a blogger and adventurer from Russia, I. Podgorny from Karelia, he took the photo shoot due to a interesting phenomenon where his friend called him in the morning and told him “you gotta visit me right now. It’s -27 outside and it is still possible to kayak on the river. Let’s do this”. So if you decide to visit Russia in winter this might be something that you would like to try and for sure something you would not forget as long as you live because such tourist adventures we never forget! (source: livejournal)


Beautiful ice cold river Shuya is just 20 km away from town Petrozavodsk which is the capital city of Russian Karelia region (close to Finland and Norway)


Reason why river wasn’t in solid ice is it’s strong flow, only reason why they were able to kayak.


You have to be in very warm clothing because it might be dangerous if you fell off in the river.


It’s pretty dangerous to pull your boat to the river due to slippery & icy stairs


Reaching the river our adventurers start their kayaking journey.


It’s hard to Kayak due to shattered ice pieces in river, however the strong river flow helps them.


Early morning mist, snow and untouched nature makes this one of the best Kayaking locations.

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Thanks to I.Podgorny many people will want to visit Russia now!

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