Upcoming Music and Entertainment Festivals on the Balkans that you should visit

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When it comes to exchanging art, music and culture, in the past two decades the Balkan has become one of the top five regions in Europe for holding an amazing festival culture. Some of the music festivals were originally formed in the early 90’s and some of the upcoming music events were formed couple of years ago. More and more festivals appear as time goes by, making the Balkan region more popular when it comes to art in general. Now we hope you are ready to get your mind blown by these festivals, because believe us, Balkan is and always was a mad-house when it comes to partying like it’s your last day to live! Now let’s party on:


The Exit festival takes place in the second largest city in Serbia, Novi Sad. The main feature that this festival can be proud of is the venue itself, a 17th century fortress “Petrovaradin” facing the bank of the river Danube. The festival is held once a year in summer and it lasts for 4 unforgettable nights. Exit offers a unique experience, meaning 40 stages with many different music genres. Not to mention the great performances, visual effects, dancing with people from all over the world and the atmosphere itself. During the daytime, take a stroll in the city and enjoy the beautiful Austro-Hungarian architecture that makes this small city very special, it will definitely leave you breathless.


This music festival is held in Ohrid, the UNESCO protected city by the lake located in the south-west of Macedonia. The venues of the festival are placed in the old town, at different nearby locations, such as the ancient Amphitheatre and the St. Clemet’s Church of St. Panteleimon, both of them facing the amazing lake from above and in 15 other locations. The performances this festival can offer are theatre, ballet, art exhibitions and classical music. Not only you will enjoy performances by famous artists, you will also be able to enjoy some of the local regional ensembles and music orchestras.


This music festival is relatively a new one but has definitely left a great impression from its beginning and Sonus has been nurturing the music culture on the Balkans for quite some time now. The venue of the festival, the beach “Zrche”,is in a small city located on the island “Pag” which is known as the Croatian Ibiza. Now, this fact tells a lot and you can get the picture right away. If you are a fan of never-ending parties, cocktails, amazing performances, this is the place to be. Sonus hosts more than 60 famous artists from the music industry. The festival itself and its prices are not native as Sonus is organized by a foreign collaborator. The performances are held in the two most famous clubs, Calipso and Papaya which are the main organizer partners of the Sonus festival.

Montenegro – Refresh Festival

Have you ever imagined that you will be spending an unforgettable time in Montenegro, on the Adriatic coast, more specifically in the old town of Kotor? It’s time to say hello to the Refresh Festival which celebrates its first decade of existence on the music scene on the Balkans. If you are a fan of electronic music, do not hesitate to come to Kotor and have the time of your life. This music festival is held in one of the most famous clubs on the Adriatic coast, the club “Maximus” that will give you the Ibiza vibes with a quality sound of techno and house music, international folks, amazing visual effects and attractive dancers. Have in mind that Montenegro is a small country located on the Adriatic coast, so you will also have a chance to travel around and see its beauties, such as the island “Sveti Stefan”, the old town of Budva and Porto Montenegro. Enjoying the delicious sea food, the magical scenery and the long, beautiful beaches are a must.

B&H – Mostar Blues & Rock Festival

From the initial enthusiasm, Mostar Blues & Rock Festival grew into a respectable event, which is also the European maps of the festival, and one of the most important festivals of music expression in the region. For the past eleven editions Mostar Blues & Rock Festival is presented by big music names such as: Ten Years After, Ana Popovic, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Sugar Blue, Snowy White, Dr. Feelgood, Tito & Tarantula, Deborah Coleman, Danny Shephard, and of regional performed: Mother, Partibrejkersi, Dado Topic & Telephone Blues Band, Josipa Lisac, Zdenka Kovačiček, Vlatko Stefanovski, Yu Group and others.

Bulgaria – Meadows in the Mountains Festival

Meadows In The Mountains is very unique and no other festival in the world is like this one. Settled in the stunning middle of amazing Rhodopian Mountains near Bulgaria’s Greek border, is a place that will make you drop your jaws…it’s unmatched in beauty. Truly mesmerizing and unique art and music festival that will bring joy into your life. Some say it’s a real adventure embraced by guaranteed Sunshine on your cheeks and surrounded by friendly faces fused relaxing music and arts line up. This festival burns brightly all day and all night under the magical aura of the amazingly beautiful mountain top scenery that makes this festival so very special.

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