Vampire graves from Poland explained

Vampire graves from Poland explained- When archaeologists last year in Poland found the graves with skeletons, many have assumed that this is the people who are buried on such a way because it was suspected that they are vampires. But new research shows that those buried in these graves died of cholera, and local residents feared that the dead would rise from the grave and so return a deadly cholera among them. via (source)


In Poland it was believed to be the first person to die upon the occurrence of infectious diseases would soon to return as a vampire. As a result, victims of infectious diseases subjected to the full range of rituals to prevent their return to life, including the laying of any sickle over the neck of the corpse. Unusual graves from the 17th and 18th centuries have been found among the hundreds of ordinary’ graves. It was in that six skeletons belong to foreigners, and that is why they were buried in unmarked graves, but genetic analysis has shown that the remains are those of the local population.

The people of that time did not understand the modes of transmission and instead of rational explanations epidemic, they turned to supernatural causes in this case, vampires, “says Dr. Lesley Gregorick, the author of the scientific paper onvampiresdeparted from cholera, which is published the free, online scientific journal PLoS ONE.


It was considered that the sickle over the door and beheaded vampire when this wants to get up and get out of the grave, “adds Dr. Gregorick. And the stone that was placed in front of the chin of the deceased had a similar function to firmly shut his mouth and managed to keep the vampire biting live and drink their blood.

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