VIDEO | Large Fires Raging Over The Dalmatian Coastline Threatening to Second Largest Croatian City Split

Hell fires across the beautiful coastline endangering villages and towns

Croatia is under fire and all local firefighters have been mobilized to fight a forest fire along the Adriatic coast. So far it has damaged and destroyed numerous buildings in small villages that encircle the second largest city in Croatia, Split. At times the fires have even reached the Split suburbs this Monday.

Local media reported that the fiery blaze has spread across 20 km and threatened numerous villages such as Srinjine, Sitno Gornje and Sitno Donje. Even one death was reported of a poor man that got a hearth stroke after seeing his olive field ruined by raging fire.

Some parts of Split are without water, electricity and and tourists are asked to leave the shopping malls due to smoke that has entered through ventilation systems. The fire has also reached the city’s waste dumping site.

Authorities prepared places for some 250 people inside a Split sports hall in case there were evacuations.

Citizens were warned not to go near petrol stations threatened by fire on some roads approaching Split.

Photos from “Fireman – our heroes” Facebook page:

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