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Viktoria Demshkina – Meet the Russian Teacher Who Got Fired Because of Her Instagram

Seems that if you do have a job you are not allowed to look good?!

Viktoria Demeshkina, a lovely lady and a nursery teacher from Yekaterinburg, Russia is having a rough time. She as most young adults loves Instagram, she takes pride in her looks and isn’t afraid to show it. This has caught an eye of some parents (obviously some parent googled her to creep on her) and she was later criticized about her “poses” and “facial expressions” that all had a “too hot” connotation.

The 26 year old Viktoria does appear in her pics with massive cleavage, short dresses or sporty revealing outfits, but it is a free world so why wouldn’t she? But one disgusted mom named Svetlana, who originally found her account and photos said “I accidentally saw her Instagram account and many of the photos were of a sexual nature.” reports The Sun.

Disgusted mum Svetlana, who originally found the photos, said:

“Her poses and facial expressions have a se*ual connotation that are not appropriate for a person who works with children. The way she looks and dresses can affect children in a bad way.”

Poor Victoria was later confronted about her Instagram account by the kindergarten administration, she refused to delete her account or remove the photos, so they just stopped paying her monthly bonus.

Her colleagues were also not supportive, her co-worker teacher Kristina Vyugova said:

“I also share photos with my friends on social media accounts. But the pictures mostly show me during sports or leisure activities in mountains. If you are a teacher you should behave accordingly.”

Viktoria who says she never showed the photos to any of her students has now quit and says she is looking for a new job. So we share this sad news in hope someone spots her and gives her a job! 🙂

As a support against oppression of modeling ladies in Slavic countries, follow our Slavic Beauty page:

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