Visit to large antiship missile complex in Kildin, Russia

Kildin – You are going to see what remains of two battalions of anti-ship onshore missile complex “Utes” – large and almost unique objects of military history, built in the 1950s. We say “almost” because a similar complex was made on the Black Sea and it fortunately is functioning up to today. source

Below are the photos of the battalions’ territories: underground launch systems, command post, diesel power station and missile remains.

“Object 101″ – an underground missile complex based ashore, had a radius of action of up to 100 km. The similar “Object 100″ was started to be built under Sevastopol in 1954. In 1957 here was formed a separate coast missile regiment that needed its own infrastructure. In fact, that regiment became a city-forming one for many years in Kildin. It was repeatedly modified and left Kildin in 1995.

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