Visiting beautiful vintage Elevators from Saint Petersburg

Do you feel adventurous? We hope you do, because we have a urban adventure that misses our attention. St. Petersburg, the ex-capital of Russia, hides a lot of beautiful vintage objects such as pedestrians, steam elevators and similar. Being old, most don’t work, but just imagine for a second what an luxury it was to have an elevators 100 to 200 years ago? For example, already in 1793. first elevating armchair was built in the Winter Palace of Ekaterina II.

Most of these vintage objects where based on hydraulic system, where piston word raise or lower the cabin underneath the pressure. Also steam elevators were done by steam mechanism and only later thanks to Nikola Tesla they had hydroelectric powered elevators.


From 1907. we haven an example of the oldest surviving elevator cabin in a house of one merchant Mertens, in Nevsky Prospect. Mertens was the rich fur industrialist so he was one of the rare individuals that had enough funds to have one made.


Soon most of the city had multi-floor houses and elevators have become a norm in St. Petersburg architecture.

 ” Back then, landlords used to indicate the existence of an elevator and a concierge service in the ad, which meant the property was a high luxury housing’’- Sergei Kolesnik says.


Sergei Kolesnik is also a renown historian that is trying to preserve these elevators and also managed a Vkontakte (Russian Facebook) page dedicated to “Photography Museum of St. Petersburg Elevators” . As of now he said his biggest wish is to open a museum dedicated to St.Petersburg elevators.


You can find much more photos on forum.

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St.Petersburg hides many adventures, want to visit it now? 

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