Visiting mystic Bylina village outside of Moscow

Have you ever wanted to be in a place that looks like it has come out of a fairy tale? Yes?! Lucky for you we have found such a place and it is not theater or cinema but in fact a real everlasting, handmade and projected realization of a fairy tale village made by Anatoly Vasilyevich Ryadinsky. This Russian architect, designer, creator and eco-villager is bringing joy to many visitors that decide to see his wooden folk craft in ancient Russian village on the shore of Istra reservoir in the Moscow region.

Officially his place is run as a hostel by name “Bylina” and this is a 25 years old camp site.

Today his magical wooden village art piece is going through a revival of a kind, so stay with us and learn about it more below:

It was made by this master of wood architecture that deserved a nickname “Berendey” as a permanent organizer and creator of this place.

In this camp there is over twenty wooden buildings all built by his own hands and his study of ancient architecture.

In Soviet times tens of thousands of people used to visit his camp, which can be confirmed by his huge wooden guestbook filled with comments of gratitude in many languages.

In other words Anatoly made a real hit out of his hand-crafted village.

Some famous names that visited this camp could surprise you and these are Jim Carrey, Alla Pugacheva, Boris Yeltsin, Moline Wendell.

So if Jim Carrey traveled all the way out of U.S.A. in the deep woods of Moscow to visit this camp, so should you!


Unfortunately Anatoly died after a set of conflicts with local administration over his buildings however the memory of a great wood-master, storyteller and a great man lives beyond our mortal bodies!

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