Visiting Mystical Manpupuner Stone Pillar Giants

Someone thought it was an alien landscape or painted graphics? You probably did as we are accustomed to believe that to see and witness most strange and magnificent things we have to go somewhere far away, like another galaxy or another planet. After all, the era of great geographical discoveries, we say, are long gone behind us. More surprising, that even in the XXI century, when it seemed that all roads were made around the globe and due to internet, you can still find incredible things that until now only few knew. Among these wonders of the world – a unique plateau Manpupuner that lurks in the Komi region of Russia, among mountain conifer forests of the Pechora-Ilych Nature Reserve. “Small Mountain idols” – that is from the language of the native Mansi people and is translated “Manpupuner”.

Hunter of Komi have called this place “Ichetu Bolvanoiz” or Small Boobies. Idols – the seven detached alien like formation at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. The lowest – 22 m, while the tallest ones goes up to 50 meters – as a 12-storey building.

To access this territory is a very difficult and adventurous. Perhaps this explains the fact that about this plateau only few have heard. Although it bears the title of one of the Seven Wonders of Russia.

Once on the plateau, you will find yourself in some other world, as it looks more unique than some sci-fi movies have to offer. And everyone feels this place it in his own way: someone has an incredible sense of freedom, some stretched out on a soft and slightly crisp white moss, some get charged with energy, but some get strange psychological distress and anxiety. It is the fact that it is impossible to get rid of the feeling that the idols are watching their guests. Seven giants lined up against the clear and blue sky, on closer inspection, suddenly get clear human features. Ahead of all – the real shaman with his hand raised, second ones is the old man with a wrinkled face and next to him – a typical Indian with an aquiline nose.

At a certain angle and a certain proportion of the imagination of the observer or another image is shown at each of the idols. They are turning their faces to one side, as if holding – in the full sense of the word – their noses towards the wind. And when you look at these stark figures, one might wonder: how did they get here? Name Manpupuner migrated to a map of the Mansi language, the language of the people from a few centuries ago, when people were trying to find the unusual explanation for creating legends and myths. They explains the appearance of the stone pillars as seven Samoyed giants frozen in ice and materialized in stone to stop them on their way through the mountains to Siberia to destroy Vogulsky people.

Samoyeds – is the old name of the peoples speaking Samoyed languages, that is, Nenets, Nganasan, Selkup. So when supposedly Samoyeds climbed that mountain that today is called Manpupuner, their leader, the shaman saw a top of another mountain – Yalpingner. He threw his tambourine in terror and all his companions followed immediately froze. When exactly was this legend born, it is not known, however, probably ever since Manpupuner turned into a cult object, and in fact the local tribes worshiped them as a mountain-protector guarding their peace and giving them protection from the invasion of hostile tribes. And when you consider that the area is very hard to reach and visit, it is not surprising that Manpupuner had a reputation among the people as a sacred place.

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