Visiting Zaporozhye Home Of The Cossacks

Zaporozhye region has a very important Historical and Cultural Complex “Zaporozhye”on the island of Khortytsya – and this place has become one of the most popular places visited by guests of the reserve, and it has become the tourist attraction of the city which has steadily become one of the mainstream symbols of the amazing Zaporozhye region. So this small but fierce town in which every day takes his own life is year by year attracting more and more tourists from all corners of world because you have a uniqe oportunity here to feel the heart of the Cossack era, plunge into the atmosphere of those harsh times and to feel the spirit of the Cossacks. Photo story via Hortica[divider]IMG_1243_web IMG_1244_web IMG_1247_web2 IMG_1249_web IMG_1252_web IMG_1253_web IMG_1254_web IMG_1256_web IMG_1257_web IMG_1258_web IMG_1259_web IMG_1260_web IMG_1261_web

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