Vladimir Putin has a twin in Croatia and his name is Alojz Kanceljak

Who said Slavic genes don’t matter?

Photo: Alojz Kaceljak via Facebook

Croatia – Who would have guessed that Vladimir Putin has a younger twin? This was an unexpected news that will probably spread thought the internet like summer wildfire through Siberia. This discovery was made thanks to the Croatian show ‘Love is in the country’ which is there to connect young couples in rural areas. Young Croatian Putin hails from region Zagorje in Croatia, and quickly after his appearance in this TV show many noticed he looks exactly like a young version of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Not that long ago there were some internet users that gave a theory that Vladimir Putin is cloning or is an actual reincarnation that repeats itself every few decades, and this might be a new addition to the line:

The looks aren’t the only thing that makes young Alojz similar to Vladimir Putin, because he also after the show became known as a fatal seducer of women in the show and his region. We are sure that official similarity of him and Russian president helps him in his endeavors among women and immensely boosts his popularity in the local taverns.

If you think all that is similar, wait, there is more! You remember those macho photos of Vladimir Putin riding a horse? Firing guns? Gym workouts? Well look what Alojz says about himself:

I prefer to be like a boy playing hide and seek and cowboys and Indians. But I loved to play football. The only thing we couldn’t play was mom and dad because there were not enough girls in the area.

So as you can see it is evident, Slavic genes do matter. Those R1a genes Slavs carry can obviously Putin’ (pun intended) similar people all over Eastern Europe!

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