Wandering Through Stopića Cave In Serbia

Stopića cave is one of the most famous caves in Serbia. It is located about 250 km from Belgrade, 30 km from Uzice and 19 km from the regional road Uzice-Adriatic Sea, in the area of ​​Zlatibor. Above the cave on the path Užice-Sirogojno. Stopića cave is a river cave, as it flows through Trnavski stream. The cave has an impressive entrance hole that is 35 meters wide and 18 meters high. Stopića cave youngest system is 1691.5 meters long, and the area is about 7911.5 m² large and has a capacity of over 120,000 cubic meters. The entrance to the cave is located at 711.18 meters above sea level. The cave consists of five parts: Lights hall, dark hall, large lounge with hot tubs and the river channel. Although not particularly rich cave decorations but it has a very interesting basins, which are large in size and depth (some up to seven meters) apart from others in Serbia. However it’s one very interesting place to visit, so make sure you do so if you get anywhere close!

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