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War on Surveillance Camera: Bosnian Man used Bazooka on Police Camera

When you just don’t want to live in a George Orwellian world


Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina – a new armed attack happened on a local police surveillance camera. In previous cases people used “light” weapons such as baseball bats, rocks, guns and similar, but this time it was a – rocket launcher.

Police in Mostar is still searching for the individual that shoot their camera with a bazooka. It happened beside the Mostar-Sarajevo highway near the settlement Zalik as reported by the local newspaper Več


There is a large hole in the post that holds the camera. But the problem is nearby there is a INA petrol station and also area has a lot of vehicles passing by. So what if some of those got shot by a rocket launcher? Even thought surveillance cameras are there to bring more safety in their zone, it seems that in Bosnia & Herzegovina they are dangerous and might cause some explosive trouble.


Their Ministry of Interior said that the total value of the planned project of setting up surveillance cameras is half-million marks worth. Will this mean serious “war on cameras”? We have to wait and see.

What do you think?

What do you think?

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