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Welcome to Norilsk, the most polluted city on Earth

One of the largest industrialized towns on our Earth is called Norilsk and this grey city got a visit by a Russian blogger. If you ever wondered about the population of Norilsk, it is just a bit over 100,000 as this is after all worlds most northern city encircled by ice, snow and polluted air. Norilsk history starts in 1920’s, when as you might have guessed it started as a settlement for mining and during Soviet times, later it turned into a Gulag camp, while today obviously it is still heavy in industry.


It was easy in 1920’s when people mined there, however with industry and intense mining it slowly became one of the ten most polluted cities on our planet. Local population has serious problems with breathing due to the toxicity of their city (no System of a Down pun intended).


You probably think how bad such environment is for average human, however wait there’s more, nine underground nuclear explosions were conducted there by the USSR due to research and opening new mines. Result is a high number of allergies, asthma, abnormalities and other type of diseases plus cancer is twice times more common in Norilsk than in other parts of Russia.


When it was built, they wanted it to look similar to St. Petersburg, a miniature version, so the old core of the city looks very pretty unlike the industrial “modern” part. If you wanted to visit Norilsk, be ready for hard weather, everything covered in snow (over 250 days per year) and common snow stormy that last over 100 days.


You want sun? Well in Norilsk there is no sun for over six weeks during December to January. Get your night-vision googles and enjoy the industrial-nuclear city of the North!

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We hope you enjoyed our little apocalyptic tour!


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