Werewolf remains found by Bulgarian farmer

LeoderLiebe (CC0), Pixabay

In Macedonian south, a farmer from Novo Selo near Strumica, Trajče Draganov claims that during plowing, on their their excavated a wooden box tied with chains containing a skull of a creature that looks like a werewolf. Werewolves are part of Macedonian and Slavic folklore and folk traditions. Legends about them and the reasons why someone becomes a werewolf, vary from a village to village.

Against werewolves villagers often performed some kind of exorcism of the priest, and then the head was cut off, and his body burned.

It is believed that werewolves were to be killed on Saturday because only then they would lay in the tombs and could easily be caught by villagers.

It seems that on this belief this werewolf was killed and later found in a field by Trajče Draganova in Novo Selo. Trajče said he is proud of his discovery, and he was not afraid that the spirit of the werewolf would be released. He admits that his villagers are happy that it is dug up and told it would be best to put it back where he found her under the ground. A large number of my neighbors are angry that I upset a werewolf. They say it‘ll be in the next life born as a werewolf. If it is my fate, then so be it said Trajče Draganov.

It seems it is no wonder tales of Vampires and Werewolfs have originated in Balkans, this proves it!

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