What Luxurious Life Of A Russian Hacker in Canada Looks Like

Karim is just 22 years old and already is wealthier than average

Canada – Remember that massive Yahoo and Google account leak in 2014? It was allegedly done by a 22 year old Karim Baratov, ethnically Khazakhstanian and Russian citizen. Last month on March 14 the young IT mastermind was arrested in Canada. He was more than happy to show the details of his luxurious lifestyle over the social media.

Locals say he was a typical introvert, calm kid minding his own business and suddenly he started posting with nice cars, girls, houses and other luxurious things that an average 22 year old doesn’t possess.

Karims luxurious house

Many hackers usually hide their wealth so it would be harder to trace them. However Karim was publishing it openly, probably trying to show off his successful life that has got of scraping google and yahoo accounts and selling them to marketers.

Internet bragging over successful bussiness

Most of his wealth was based of phishing websites where he would mimic yahoo or google login forms, where random users would enter their e-mails and passwords and basically were handing him over their critical account information.

He was using the accounts on many ways probably, from selling illegal email lists to using their data for extracting money over various services.

“hardworking man, random artist and gym resident” ~ opinion of Karim about himself

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